Pilkemaster SMART 2

Twice as efficient – make firewood fast!

The Pilkemaster SMART machines are designed for easy and effortless firewood production. It can be connected to the hydraulics of a tractor, a compact loader or a power shovel.

Fast and easy to use
The Pilkemaster SMART firewood processors make it even easier to produce firewood. With the new splitting blade construction, the firewood has clean cuts. The logs are centered automatically and split right in the middle, giving equal quality for the end product. With the Pilkemaster SMART2’s double feeder productivity is doubled also.

Pilkemaster SMART 2 – The fast way directly to the bag
Pilkemaster SMART 2 hits its peak productivity when feeding it with a grapple loader. Production speed is doubled compared to SMART 1. Cutting and splitting of the log can be done directly above a big-bag, a container or a trailor, thus reducing the number of operations and boosting productivity. The Pilkemaster SMART 2 can process two logs at the same time for maximal output.

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Weight 465 kg
Length 2800 mm
Width 620 mm
Height 1520 mm
ATTN! Dimensions are given without options, adapters and hydraulic connectors.


Firewood length 250-410 mm
Log diameter Max. 190 mm
Maximal cutting and splitting speed
(output 40 l/min)
Splitting force Max. n. 13 tn
Recommended hydraulic feed n. 40 l/min
Hydraulic pressure 180-250 bar


Feeding funnel 2 x 38 kg
Adapters (Euro, Avant, S40, S45 etc.)
Hydraulic connectors


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