Pilkemaster GO!

Pilkemaster GO! – A groundbreaking new model!

Pilkemaster GO! combines the convenient mobility and efficient and consistent firewood processing of Pilkemaster firewood processors in an entirely new way. Transportable by car, Pilkemaster GO! features a comprehensive range of features as standard and is designed to withstand all weather conditions.

The most mobile Pilkemaster firewood processor

Pilkemaster GO! firewood processor is designed for easy transportation and takes very little time to prepare for operation after transport. Equipped with a combustion or electric engine and a transportation platform suitable for road usage, Pilkemaster GO! can be conveniently transported by car, wherever you may need it. With 6.5 tons of splitting force, it can split logs of up to 30 cm / 11.8” in diameter.

The cutting motion of the automatically lubricated chainsaw is unbeatably quick and requires very little force. The unique splitting blade system automatically adjusts the height of the splitting blade based on the thickness of the log, and can be equipped with different blades for 2/4 or 2/6 splitting.

The hydraulic log lifter, available as an accessory, allows you to lift even larger logs onto the feeding table, sparing your back and arms. The long, 3.7 m / 12.1 ft laterally turning conveyor enables you to discharge firewood into three large sacks, for example, without moving the machine.


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Firewood length max. 50 cm / 19.7″
Max. log diameter 30 cm / 11.8″
Splitting force 5.6 tn
Splitting speed for a 33 cm log
(normal / fast)
2.4 / 1.6 s (5.6 tn.)
Drive Combustion or electric engine
Splitting blade Hardened steel 2/4 or 2/6
Chainsaw blade 15” (18”/72 loops)
Laterally turning conveyor Turning, 0.24 m x 3.7 m / 0.79 ft x 12.1 ft
Weight 740 kg / 1 631 lb


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Patented V-shaped feeding table

Auto-lubricated chainsaw

Automatic splitting blade adjustment

4-way splitting blade

Laterally turning conveyor, 3.7 m / 12.1 ft