Privacy Policy


This register description and Privacy Policy applies to the processing, sharing and storage of the data collected by Agromaster Oy via its website. This policy also applies to the use of other services provided by Agromaster and visits to our website. The links to third party websites and embedded content from third parties included on our website may be subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of third party websites.


Agromaster Oy
Business ID: 1110214-1
Address: Teollisuustie 8
FI-54710 Lemi

Contacts in matters related to the data file

Petri Hämäläinen
telephone: 020 7413 322

Name of the register

Agromaster Oy’s marketing register

Purpose of processing personal data

The contact information of persons included in the register is used for the purpose of promoting Agromaster Oy’s sales. In addition to this, the data is used for the purposes of carrying out marketing measures and communications.

Data content of the register

The data content of the register consists of the following information. Use of the website does not require registration or the disclosure of personal data, but the disclosure of certain data may be mandatory for certain purposes so that the matter can be processed appropriately.

  • Data subject’s name
  • Data subject’s contact information (phone number, e-mail address, address)
  • Details of the company that the data subject represents (company name, contact information
  • Product information (model, manufacturing number and reseller of purchased product)
  • Additional information (additional information provided by the data subject, such as a free-form message or feedback)
  • Other identifying information (such as the data subject’s public IP address)
  • Tracking information (tracking information concerning online marketing measures)
  • Cookies (for more information, please see our cookie policy).

Regular sources of data and disclosure of data

Data disclosed based on the data subject’s consent via forms in the online service or in sales events and exhibitions, as well as material automatically collected by the online service that supports the analysis and development of the online service.

Data processing, disclosure and retention period

The data is processed within the EU or EEA, as well as outside of them, by the controller and processors authorised by the controller (such use cases may include, for example, the use of server rooms and the backing up of system files and databases). The data is retained for as long as a customer relationship may be considered to be valid and for a reasonable period after the end of a customer relationship.

Principles of protecting the register

The data in the register is stored in protected environments in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications.

Right of access and correction

Every data subject has the right to access the data stored concerning them in the register and demand correction of the data. Correction requests must be submitted via e-mail to the contact person’s e-mail address. By default, correction requests are considered to pertain to the personal data associated with the sender’s e-mail address, unless the person who submitted the request can be identified by some other means.

Other rights related to the processing of personal data

A data subject has the right to prohibit the controller from processing their data for direct advertising, remote sales and other direct marketing purposes and for conducting marketing and opinion surveys. If a data subject wishes to prohibit such processing or delete their data from our register completely, they may do so by contacting the controller via e-mail.

Contact information and changes

This Privacy Policy were last updated on 17 October 2018. We reserve the right to change the data protection practices detailed herein and update the Privacy Policy accordingly. Any questions about this Privacy Policy or the use of cookies should be addressed to [Petri Hämäläinen, Teollisuustie 8, FI-54710 Lemi, +358 (0)207413322].