Privacy policy



This Privacy Policy is applied to using, sharing and storing Agromaster Ltd’s data collected at their website This Privacy Policy is also applied when using our services or visiting our website. The links on our website that lead you to websites of third parties as well as contents that are inset at our website by third parties might be subordinate to the third parties’ own privacy policy.



The contents of the register

Using the website does not require any registration or disclosing of personal data. When visiting the website your browser might automatically send us certain information. This information may consist of:

  • your IP Address and information linked to it, such as: service provider of your internet, connection type and demarcated geographical information.
  • type of your operating system and browser which may contain information about the main appliance that you use when visiting the web pages.
  • information concerning which website are you going to, the website you are coming from and the website you are visiting.
  • time of browsing.
  • language and your other similar choices.
  • capability of your browser to process certain types of contents, for example your browser’s capability to process Flash-contents.
  • cookies.

We use above mentioned information at real time for processing your request for visiting and for producing contents to your main appliance. We also store above mentioned website visiting information for different purposes of use, such as data security, correcting errors and analyzing visiting information and visitor traffic. We do not connect this information to identity and we store the information only for the time that the purposes of using the data requires.



Regular sources and disclosing of data

Our website may contain electronic forms where your personal data may be requested. This kind of data collecting is used at all of our websites that are “do business easy on the internet” –websites. Data disclosed via these pages are used only to the purposes to which this data was initially collected. You may always refuse to disclose your identifying personal data, but, by not giving this type of information it might prevent you performing some actions linked to the web pages.




We use cookies on our website. The cookie is a small text file which is sent and stored to the user’s computer and which enables the administrator of the website to identify the visitors visiting often the website, to simplify the visitors’ registration to the website and to enable formulating the combination of information of the visitors. The cookies do not damage the visitors’ computers or files. We use them in such way that we may offer our customers information and services according to each customer’s individualized needs. With the data collected by the cookies shall the website’s functionality and contents be improved. With functional cookies our website shall remember your choises (such as the language you have chosen). The user may, if she or he wants to, turn off the cookie function. However, we cannot assure that our platforms work irreproachably after turning off the cookies because the cookies may be necessary for some services to function.

[We also use third parties’ cookies to analyze and target advertising on the websites of third parties. We do not administer the behavior of these cookies.]


Community accessories

Our website might contain links to social medias. If you already have an account at some service provider’s social media, that service might recognize you of this content or by visiting its website. You may be recognized also with that type of content, even if you are not registered as a user to that social media. Additional information on data privacy policy you may receive from the service provider’s own terms of service and data privacy policy.


Disclosing personal data

We do not disclose personal data to any third parties of our organization, distributors/agents  or subcontractors. We use the data collected only to the purposes described in this data privacy policy. Only the employees who need the data to perform their work tasks, has the right to access the information.

The personal data shall be disclosed to third parties only with the consent of the user or due to an obligation of valid legislation.


Contact information and amendments

This Privacy Policy is updated on 1st of March, 2017. We receive the right to make amendments to the data privacy practices described in this Privacy Policy and updating it accordingly. If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy or using cookies, please contact Petri Hämäläinen, Teollisuustie 8, 54710 Lemi, (+358)20 7413 322.