Pilkemaster machines are manufactured by Agromaster Oy

Agromaster Oy is a Finnish company specialized in firewood processors. We design, manufacture and market firewood processors that make their owner’s work faster and easier.

Our products are continuously improved thanks to the attention we give to every bit of feedback from our customers. Our design and manufacturing are 100% made in Finland. That way we can be sure of the high quality of our products.

Agromaster has a factory in the town of Lappeenranta, Finland where all the machines are manufactured. A large network of reliable and long-term local sub-contractors are used in order to guarantee short delivery times and the best quality.

Our efforts towards premium quality firewood processor manufacturing have been rewarded on a national scale by many awards, including for example the Finnish innovation price in 2003, and the award for strongest company in the Etelä-Karjala region in 2011.

More than 50% of our machines are exported. Our strongest export markets are Norway, Sweden, Estonia, France, Canada, Great-Britain and Germany.