Pilkemaster Super

Making firewood is now easier than ever!

Pilkemaster Super is an automatic firewood processor featuring a cutting blade. All you have to do is place the end of a log onto the feed rollers and let the machine do the rest. The device cuts, splits and carries the firewood directly onto your trailer. The robust and wide conveyor with debris removal can be easily adjusted to any angle. The logs can be up to 20 cm thick, and the length (max. 50 cm) of the finished firewood is effortlessly adjustable with a hydraulic control valve. The cutting blade makes a clean cut, and the logs are split from the middle without putting too much strain on the tractor. The feed rollers have enough capacity to convey even the largest of logs into the machine. The rollers feature emergency stop and reverse functions. The feed opening is at just the right height in terms of ergonomics. You won’t find an easier way to make firewood!

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Power transmission to the blade roller chain
Log diameter max 20 cm
Firewood length max 50 cm
Conveyor width 65 cm
Conveyor length 3 m or 3,6 m
Weight 900 kg
Power demand 40 kw
Power source tractor
Power take-off mechanically from the tractor
Fastening 3-point lifting device
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Process firewood faster than ever

Safe to use

Clean cut and consistent firewood quality

Adjustable firewood length

Ergonomic and comfortable to use

The powerful machine handles even larger logs with ease