Pilkemaster EVO

saw chain equipped firewood processor for tractor PTO or on mobile platform

Pilkemaster EVO is a powerful and secure firewood processor that can be configured to meet your needs. Choose a lighter EVO 30 (3.5 or 5.6 ton splitting force) or a stronger EVO36 (2-8 or 2-10 ton adjustable splitting force).

Configure the firewood processor with the equipment and options for your needs. If ever your needs change over time, equipment and options can be retrofitted on an existing machine.


Easy-to-use and ergonomic – nice and effective working

Pilkemaster EVO is fast and easy-to-use.

Working height can be set to fit the user to improve ergonomics.

To avoid heavy lifting, Pilkemaster EVO can be equipped with a hydraulic log-lifter to make the work effortless and faster.

Check out the models

Pilkemaster EVO 30

user’s choice

Chain saw equipped Pilkemaster EVO firewood processor for smaller wood.

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Pilkemaster EVO 36

strong and fast

Pilkemaster EVO 36 highly secure, strong and fast firewood processor.

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Pilkemaster Evo 36 HC Lite

light and easy-to-use

Hydraulically operated splitting blade makes work easy and fast.

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Pilkemaster EVO 36 HC

the professional choice

Pilkemaster EVO HC’s extended hydraulic controls make your work more efficient. Sawing is light with the lever control, hydraulically operated splitting blade makes work easy. The hydraulic feeding roll helps to feed bigger logs.

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We are eager to help you choose the machine you need

Pilkemaster EVO machines can be lifted with a tractor three point hitch or placed on a mobile platform. Pilkemaster EVO can use the power take-off (PTO) of a tractor or be equipped with its own gasoline or electric motor. PTO can be combined with a motor. Our resellers are happy to help you choose the best options for your needs.

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