Data Controller
Agromaster Ltd (Business ID 1110214-1)
(hereinafter ”Agromaster”, ”we” or ”ours”)

Contact person in matters concerning the register:
Petri Hämäläinen, Teollisuustie 8, 54710 Lemi, (+358) 20 7413 322

Register name

Agromaster Ltd’s customer register

General terms

These terms for Agromaster Ltd’s customer register (hereinafter “Register description”) shall be applied to the personal data stored in Agromaster Ltd’s customer register.

When processing the customer data our aim is to provide the highest possible quality of service and to improve the customer experience with respect for data privacy. We do not collect any unnecessary data of our customers and we recognize our responsibilities concerning protecting of data privacy of our customers and their affiliated people.

Data contents of the register

We store the following information of our customers, and if the customer is not a natural person, the contact person’s and other possible persons’ who are relevant to the customer relationship and other affiliated persons’ (each hereinafter “Data subject”):

(i) Name
(ii) Title
(iii) Address (the addres of customer’s office and, if necessary, also the home address of the person).
(iv) Preferred language
(v) Email
(vi) Phone number
(vii) Additional information given by customer or the data subject.
(viii) Other possible information related to the customer relationship management, such as relevant customer history and necessary information concerning billing and dept collection.



Purpose of processing personal data

We use the data collected from Data subjects; (i) for supplying the services and concerning the subscription; (ii) to personify our services and communication; (iii) to the customer service of our services and customer communication, such as sending messages, reminders, technical notices, updates and information requested from us; (iv) for sending marketing – , advertisement – and promotional messages, and other information to Data subject, which we consider could be interesting for them, as well as for us, our services or information related to joint campaign and – promoting services; (v) for production of services, maintenance, protecting and development; (vi) for purposes of direct marketing according to the consents and prohibitions given by Data subject; (vii) for producing and allocating market – and other examinations, analysis and reports; (viii) for ensuring the appropriateness and functionality of the communication; (ix) for performing the estimation of risks and for preventing and investigating malpractice performed towards us; (x) for planning the business and product development; (xi) for supplying the product information concerning occupational safety and features of using the devices; and (xii) for other tasks that are required to fulfil the rights and obligations of Data controller and for settling any disagreements between us and any of our customers and for putting into effect the agreements between us and third parties.

If Data subject, in the context of customer communication, discloses us his or her electrical contact information, such as email address, in such case we consider that Data subject has given his or her unambiguous consent for targeting communication described above by using also electric channels.

For the purposes of single, in advanced specified and short-term campaigns, the processing of personal data may be informed also with separate campaign-specific register descriptions. The personal data collected within the framework of the campaigns shall be destroyed immediately after the purpose of processing according to the campaign ceases to exist.



Regular sources of information

As regular sources of information are considered the information informed by Data subject and the information formed in the context of customer service, offers, requests of references, guarantee registrations, reclamations, resales and information formed in the context of products and using services. In addition, we may, with the consent of Data subject and due to the legislation, acquire and accept information relating to Data subject from third parties, such as authorities, for example due to improve the quality of communication and due to ensure the timelines of the data.



Regular disclosing of personal data

There are no regular discloses of personal data from Agromaster Ltd’s customer register.

Agromaster may disclose personal data for third parties, such as authorities, according to the limits and obligations set by valid legislation.

We do not disclose personal data outside of EU / EEA unless it is necessary due to the technical performing of a service or it does not have Data subject’s consent for example for transmitting the service request to the contact person located outside EU / EEA. In such case, we, as the Data controller, will take care of the sufficient level of the protection of the personal data and privacy.




Agromaster Ltd’s web page and other similar electronic platforms may contain cookies. The data collected by using cookies is to improve the functioning of the web page and its contents. The user may from the web browser’s settings choose to turn off the cookies function. However, we cannot assure that our platforms work after turning off the function of cookies because the cookies may be necessary for some services to work properly.



Principles of protecting the register

Personal data may be stored at Agromaster Ltd’s own physical platform and to some detached service provider’s electrically served cloud service. When using any detached service provider’s services, Agromaster, as Data Controller, is in charge of the measures concerning Data subject’s rights. Despite storing or processing data in our own or detached environment, we, as Data Controller, are in charge of organizing the data security correctly and that the personal data is protected from the third parties with protective measures, such as passwords and easement boundaries.

We shall do our best and carry out and update continuosly our duties to protect personal data from illicit use, destroying and amending. We shall work together with the authorities and partners in cooperation to ensure offering Data subject the data privacy according to the valid legislation. However, it shall be reminded that for example in the internet no information is completely reliable or safe.



Right of inspection

Due to the Personal Data Act Data subject has the right of inspection of his or her personal data existing at the register by expressing an explicit request.



Right to require correction

Due to the Personal Data Act Data subject has the right to require Data controller to correct, erase or complete personal data contained in its register, if the personal data is, according to the purpose of processing the personal data, incorrect, unnecessary, imperfect or outdated. Data subject is in charge oneself of the validity of the personal data he or she has disclosed. Data subject shall inform if any changes occur to Data subject’s personal data.



Other rights related to processing personal data

Data subject shall have the right to give and withdraw the consent due to the Act (917/2014) by announcing it to the contact person informed in this register description.

In addition, Data subject has the right due to Personal Data Act to forbid processing and disclosing Data subject’s personal data for purposes of direct marketing, distance selling and marketing and surveys by informing about the forbid to Data controller’s contact person. The right to forbid does not concern customer communications and other communication related to performing services and taking care of customer relationships.

This register description is updated 1st of March, 2017. Agromaster Ltd reserves the right to make amendments to the data privacy practices described in this description and update the terms according to it.

In case you have any questions of our products or services, we kindly ask you to contact our customer service. If the reference concerns particularly data privacy, we kindly ask you to contact the contact person mentioned above in this register description.